Beauty Quickies For A-List Glamor

There are just some moments in life when the same old same absolutely will not do. Romantic diners, office parties, girls night out… Its times like these when that extra hint of sexiness is required to propel you to the top of your style plateau. Here is an indulging list of the top beauty quickies to bump your look from average to A-list, without the complicated how to instructions. Perfect for the modern woman.

Smoldering Eyes: Skip the thick, harsh black line. Instead gently smudge and blend kohl eye liner along the lash line for demure eyes. Then, 成立公司 apply two coats of your favorite volumizing mascara for instant pop.

Think Texture: Glossy highlighters and eye shimmers add texture to the eyelids making them more prominent in low lighting that you may find in your favorite restaurant or lounge.

Lustrous Lips: Sultry eyes are best accompanied by a sexy, glossy pout. Apply a shimmery gloss over lip color for an intense, color-rich shine.

Make a Statement: Go from zero to sexy in under 60 seconds with a quick application of siren red lipstick. This classic shade continually withstands the test of time.

Sensual Beauty: Glide a lightly perfumed brush through your hair when 優思明避孕藥副作用 styling for a delicately scented mane.

Glow: Illuminate the room with soft, radiant skin. Dress up exposed skin by applying a shimmery body moisturizer for the perfect hint of nighttime sparkle.

By paying attention to the details when creating a look, you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself continually. Even the simple act of adding a splash of color to neglected nails can drastically revamp your look, giving way to a new you. Its extraordinary how far one small change can take you. Where will you go?

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